- Oil company Zenith Energy said clean-up work had been completed at a well in Tunisia.

The ROB-1 well had not undergone any form of work since 2012, at which time an unsuccessful well intervention had been performed.

'During the course of the workover, significant deposits of paraffin and wax were encountered plugging many of the lower perforations,' Zenith said. 'These have now been cleared by way of reverse circulation of fluid.'

The wellbore was cleaned out to the total depth of 2,225 metres and scraping of the casing, which was found to have good integrity, was performed.

A new tubing anchor and sucker rod pump supplied by Weatherford were installed.

Zenith said it as discovered that the previous sucker rod pump was functioning at only 20% capacity and that the well did not have a tubing hanger installed, in contradiction of the 2012 well report.

'The company can now confirm that a Weatherford team has successfully installed a new sucker rod pump in ROB-1, which has been tested on surface and adjusted,' it said.

'A period of 36-72 hours is now required to pump out the well killing fluid and water emulsion from the wellbore before oil production will begin to be received.'

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