- Logistics group DX said it would delay the release of its annual report that could results in its shares suspended after discovering a corporate governance inquiry relating to an internal investigation commenced during the financial year ended 3 July 2021.

'The inquiry has yet to be concluded, and the process will delay the completion of the audit, but will be expedited as quickly as possible,' the company said.

'However, it is not anticipated that the Audit & Risk Committee and the company's Auditors will conclude their work before 2 January 2022, being the date that is six months from the end of the financial period ending 3 July 2021.'

If, as currently expected, the Annual Report is not published by 2 January 2022, trading in the Company's ordinary shares will be suspended in accordance with AIM Rule 19 on 4 January 2022, being the first business day following 2 January 2022.'

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